Book Review: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet, the classic tale by William Shakespeare is as we all know a tale about two star-crossed lovers who are destined to be together but are being kept separate because of rival families. Most, if not all of you will have seen/read some version of the same story but the one I most recently read was the graphic novel version of Romeo and Juliet that was adapted and illustrated by Gareth Hinds. Without spoiling everything in the story, I’d like to share what I thought of this Romeo and Juliet story. In some versions there is always some difference to the original and this one follows that same pattern. The first thing I noticed when recieving the book in the mail was that the characters looked different than I remember.


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Turned out to be that that illustrator, Gareth Hinds had decided that he wanted his character to be multiracial so that he can reflect how universal the story is. This is genius to me, it’s amazing to be able to visually see the story i’ve read so long ago in a different light. The really enjoyable thing about this story too is the illustration not just on each page but on each scene break too. It gives me the idea of what the setting is supposed to be looking like before I actually proceed throughout the story. Some of the illustrations are seemingly emphasized on, particularly a fight scene in the story that I am being reluctant to spoil. However, these illustrations make you feel more emotion in each of the scenes as a result. When reading this you find yourself more involved in the scene because the artist depiction of Verona is pretty detailed in comparison to you having to create a picture in your head.

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By Elk Worn

Word Count: 314


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