Favorite Music

Music is a huge part of my life, probably just like any of you. In fact, when writing this, I realized I had to stop here (yes right at that moment) so I could look at my playlist and start listening. Now this blog post is about my favorite music, so it’s inevitable to talk about genres, so I’ll get right into it. I love a huge variety of music that I listen to but some I enjoy less than others. Now I don’t mean to offend anyone because of what I’m about to say, but it’s just how it is. Country and Heavy Metal are my least liked. To be fair, I have heard some country songs that I enjoyed in the car with my friends because there are a few that are catchy on the way to the beach or something. However, my music taste is still very diverse. It can go anywhere from Frank Sinatra to Drake to Jason Mraz. I can’t really choose a particular artist or song because my favorites fluctuate daily depending on mood. itunes_2016-11-01_20-07-55

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As you can see my playlist is truly unique and if you look close enough you can see I have Aly & AJ on there too, the little Disney kid in me can’t let that song go. This isn’t all of it but it can give you a decent idea of what it’s comprised of. Most of my music is listened to off of iTunes/Apple Music but when I’m looking for more to add to my playlist I use Pandora. I find most of my music through there based on an artist. My radio stations on there introduce me to tons of new music or brought in some throwbacks too. I’m really big on older music like Frank Sinatra and Carl Carlton to name a few. I enjoy my fair share of rap/Hip-Hop too such as Futuristic, Kanye West and Mac Miller. Anyways I’m always open to suggestion if anyone has something they’d be willing to share too.


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By Elk Worn


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