E-Sports is the now

With all the world sports events such as the Olympics, The World Cup, U.S. Open, French Open, and the Superbowl encompassing so many viewers at one time, it’s hard to think of something else that could be added to the “sports” scene that can accumulate a good population of viewers as well. Well, the new kid on the block (which isn’t really that new it’s just growing a fan base exponentially) is taking the world by storm. E-Sports is taking over the world with its multiplicity of gamers and games.

To give you a better idea, in 2015 the NBA finals had gotten about 23 million views (Source) and the League of Legends World Final had about 36 million unique viewers (Source). That in itself is just amazing that you have that many people invested into the e-sports that decided to watch the event. Not to take away from what’s happening in basketball or any other sport, but seeing as how years ago people would only be playing for fun, and now they can get paid for it, that is amazing in itself.


You may be asking, are these games considered a sport? Well yes, but no. Sport is defined as: “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” and although it requires little physical exertion it does meet the requirement of “skill” however fully by definition it is not a sport. The U.S.government technically does consider it a sport because that is how players from other nations can play here in tournaments, through access to visas that are granted to the players specifically for the tournament(s).

The E-Sports games are most commonly televised on online streaming websites such as Twitch.tv, Youtube.com, and Plays.Tv although on Friday nights TBS streams e-sports and ESPN 3 have also started to do the same. Soon maybe there will be several channels available to watch these tournaments.

By Elk Worn


Word Count: 322


One thought on “E-Sports is the now”

  1. I used to play CS : GO avidly and really enjoyed watching the tournaments. I used to play against some of the pro NA players in ESEA a lot and really enjoyed the entire experience. I wish more people fully understood E-sports and what it is becoming.


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