Favorite Movie…s?

When it comes to having to think about what my favorite movie is, there isn’t just one movie that comes to mind. There are so many movies in the past couple of years alone that I enjoyed, and much more if you count all the years before that (and yes I do mean some oldies too). However if I had to pick one, tossing aside all the series movies such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. I would have to say my favorite is Interstellar (2014) by Christopher Nolan that I watched in theaters. In all honesty, Christopher Nolan’s movies, in general, are fantastic but the reason I chose Interstellar is because it brings in so many different ideas and theory’s about the universe that I couldn’t help but feel emersed into that dimension.

For starters, if you think about space you will more than likely imagine a vast open area filled with planets, stars, and other cosmic entities. Interstellar brings in the idea of black holes, wormholes and space travel. All of these things are subjects that we have yet to scratch the surface of, so instead of reading about these theories; Nolan gives you a representation of stuff that you may not have been able even visually to fathom. The idea of other dimensions itself is but a blur to me so being able to see a motion picture that can help to explain the unknown is what makes me love this movie.

The funny thing is, it’s not just in this film he can visually aid you in these theories, it seen as well in Inception. That is just amazing that he can bring these ideas together and paint not only a picture but an entire movie. Back to Interstellar, however, without spoiling anything, I find that it ‘s hard to find a film that isn’t just eye candy and gets you thinking, curiously about the world around you.


Source: IMDB

If you’re interested, check out more of Nolan’s work here!

By Elk Worn

Word Count: 330


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