Cinder By Marissa Meyer – A Book Review

Now if you’ve been following my posts, or at least just read my previous one about my favorite book, you would know that my love for books is slim to say the least. Yeah, Yeah I know, many of you will say, “well you just haven’t found the right book!”


Cinder By Marissa Meyer

Well maybe you’re right, but I can tell you right now, the most recent book I just finished reading “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer IS NOT THE RIGHT BOOK. To be fair when I say it’s not the right book, I mean it’s not the right book for me. For those of you that don’t know about Marissa Meyer’s “Cinder” It’s basically a revamped version of Cinderella. Personally my knowledge about Cinderella is the equivalent to a toddler’s knowledge about math. If you decide to read this, you WILL be surprised. Without trying to spoil too much, the book is about a version of Cinderella who is named Linh Cinder (which I believe is pronounced as Lin?) who is actually not a human and is a Cyborg. The story starts off pretty normal, learning about her life that her stepmother put her into but it turns out that she is actually able to make the best of it. So if you think about how the original Cinderella story’s plot was set up, these two stories share similarities but “Cinder” in particular just took it to a whole different level. What do I mean? Well that whole ordeal about Cinderella going to a ball with a beautiful dress, for the most part, got thrown out the window. They replace fancy dresses and happiness with plague and world domination of lunar people. This Sci-Fi twist is nothing that I expected. In all due respect, she is a good writer, that I can tell, but I personally didn’t enjoy it because it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Which is my fault for expect something in a story I knew nothing about, but that is just me! Why don’t you guys take a read and tell me how you like it! You can also find the rest of her fantasy sci-fi twisted books here!

By Elk Worn

Word Count :357


2 thoughts on “Cinder By Marissa Meyer – A Book Review”

  1. Yeah definitely was a weird concept and from what I hear not many people liked this book at all. Cyborgs and that type of stuff are to big of a twist and can be a little off putting to someone who is probably being forced to read this book.


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