Favorite Book

Everyone has their own love for some certain movie, TV show, or book and looking back on it, I can fill every one of those categories in a second but in regards to a book, it’s hard considering I’ve read close to 10 words from a novel since birth. I know, I know, it’s pretty bad that I don’t read but I just like other activities more. However, there is one book that I distinctly remember reading years ago, multiple times. I shouldn’t say one book actually, because it’s a series. If you were lucky enough to read the Shadow Children series then you, like me, should be able to remember at least one  of the seven books. The series included Among the Hidden(1998), Among the Imposters(2001), Among the Betrayed(2002), Among the Barons(2003), Among the Brave(2004), Among the Enemy(2005), and finally Among the Free(2006).


Among the Free (1998)

The entire series was written by Margret Peterson Haddix (you can read all about her and her books here). The books were about an oppressive government who tries to limit population because of food scarcity and a drought. The name “Shadow Children” comes from the population limit, when a family has a third child, that child is supposed to be killed immediately, however if the child is not on record and is raised “under the table” so to speak, then they are given the title of Shadow Children. Interesting read because you get to follow a 12 year old boy named Luke Garner who is an illegally born third child. The books draw inspiration from Peterson’s life and China’s One Child Policy. Harsh to think about if that was a thing for my family considering I’m the youngest of four and I probably wouldn’t be able to survive that long. The Shadow Children series is one that I hope to be able to come back to in the near future or something along the tangent of those books.

By Elk Worn

Word Count: 323


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