My Favorite TV Show

After finally finding the time to sit down and relax (meaning 12 AM or later every night) I started browsing and selecting Television shows on my newly subscribed streaming service, Netflix to watch something that wasn’t too long and that I had some background knowledge of. Soon I stumbled upon, one of the most impressive DC universe Live Action (and only live action) television shows that I have seen. Given the release of Batman VS Superman and Suicide Squad, there isn’t much competition as of lately that can compare to this. “The Flash” by Greg Berlanti (2014) is a show with eye catching visuals, great detail to story line, and a refreshing look at what superhero shows could be like.


The Flash

The big reason that I enjoy this show so much is that it is enjoyable to not only avid comic readers, but to people who have never even seen the front cover of the comic as well. The main arc of the show is about a guy named Barry Allen who gets superpowers and becomes The Flash. I, so far have only been through season 1 of the soon to be three season show, however being that it’s the Origin story, you don’t have to feel as if you’ve been placed in the middle of some crazy plot in which you have to study to understand *stares at Game of Thrones*. So being able to pick up where you left off if you went on a hiatus of binge watching (which is very hard to do with this show) isn’t difficult to do at all! With all the Superhero movies and tv shows such as The Avengers, Arrow, Supergirl, and so on that are out right now, it’s good to be able to find a show that I’m comfortable with. If only Netflix had season 2 of The Flash then I probably would have already watched it. Any how I’m still looking forward to it being put on Netflix’s streaming service!


By Elk Worn

Word Count: 330


2 thoughts on “My Favorite TV Show”

  1. I have watched Arrow before and have been told about The Flash and Super-girl but haven’t had the time to watch it yet. Would love to seeing as you give a wonderful recommendation here.


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