10 Random facts about me!

Hello! This blog post is apart of a class assignment in english, I am to share some information about myself through 10 different facts in order for you all to get to know me better! I look forward to this semester as I get to improve my writing and get to know more about my classmates through blog posts such as this one ( or maybe a little more colorful than this one).

  1. I grew up in South Florida all my life until moving away for College.
  2. Outside of the United States I’ve only ever traveled to Jamaica, which is where my family is from.
  3. I enjoy playing Video Games such as Xbox, going out with friends on the weekends, playing soccer, and laying in bed with Netflix and food by my side.
  4. My favorite movie, though I’m not completely sure myself, is Interstellar by Christopher Nolan. Interstellar Trailer (2014)
  5. My favorite TV show is Rick and Morty by Ryan Ridley or Young Justice by Greg Weisman.
  6. My favorite food is burgers, more specifically guacamole burgers and fries.
  7. I major in Computer Science Engineering and plan on having a minor in Journalism in hopes of being able to combine the two to make an online socail media news feed that focuses on getting out important news fast and on the go.
  8. In high school I used to compete in news anchoring competitions and won 2nd in the nation with my schools team along with several other awards.
  9. My favorite sports teams are Manchester United from the Barclays Premier League in England and the Miami Heat Basketball team.
  10. My favorite pastime activity is getting lost in youtube videos and learning as much as I can about the world through media in hopes of using that to my advantage later on in life.


By Elk Worn


Word Count: 301


One thought on “10 Random facts about me!”

  1. I really liked Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar too! Did you know that during the making of that film Nolan actually worked with theoortical physicists from CERN in Switzerland to make sure that the science in his movie was accurate as possible. Kinda makes you think how long before space travel is a reality.


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